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Safe, green hydrogen, anywhere, anytime

Safe, green hydrogen, anywhere, anytime

New energy standard for green mobility


The urban environment is aggressive and stressful – our promise is to make your daily urban journey as easy as safe and as stressless as possible – using green hydrogen with the utmost respect to the environment.


Urbanization is a global and continuous trend; as a result cities are choking from traffic congestion and pollution.
The obvious solution is EV’s, but is limited by infrastructure and recycling.
Hydrogen provides better recyclability but hight-pressure H2 needs expensive and intrusive infrastructure.
Solid state hydrogen storage is the ultimate solution for urban mobility.



Deploy quickly with limited environmental impact and capex. Make recharging immediate, anywhere, anytime. Develop a solution and an offer that meets/anticipates customer unmet needs. Become a worldwide standard for zero emission mobility !

An experienced team

The management team is composed of 3 seasoned executives who are exclusively focused on operations and performance.

Alain Diboine

Alain Diboine


Frédéric Touvard

Frédéric Touvard


Anne Mandron

Anne Mandron

Sales & Marketing Manager

They have held executive positions in major international groups and have a proven track-record of international business development.
The STOR-H team is comprised of 18 professionals.  The founders of STOR-H Technologies SA have sole responsability for fundraising. This allows the management team to focus exclusively on executing the business plan.

An “all-in-one” offer…

Cleaner Energy through innovation

After 8 years of research, STOR-H has developed a technology to store hydrogen under very low pressures, without the intrusive and expensive infrastructure required for high pressure hydrogen.  Driven by the objective of zero-CO2 mobility, clean hydrogen offers a real alternative to fossil fuels.



Our All-In-One offer covers everything you need : vehicle leasing, unlimited energy package, insurance premium and a full maintenance service.  
We bring you peace of mind and hassle-free mobility. 


Through long term partnerships, we offer a range of e-bikes (Cycleurope), light scooters: Peugeot, Mob-ion by 2022 and heavy scooters and light cars as of 2024 (No Smoke, Gazelle Tech).
This catalog of “Powered by STOR-H” vehicles is continuously expanding.

Protected by 155 patents

The STOR-H technology is the result of over a decade of R&D, and is today protected by a portfolio of 155 patents.

STOR-H device
A flexible leasing model

We propose Long Term Lease  from 12 to 36 months through a very flexible offer.

Energy available Anywhere Anytime

Our STOR-H hydrogen cartridges are universal, rechargeable and interchangeable. Recharge at home with the “Home charger”, or exchange an empty cartridge for a full one outside in our  extensive distribution network (you are never more than a km away from a STOR-H vending machine) .

A seamless digital ecosystem

Energy is available Anywhere Anytime, our services will follow you Anywhere too. Thanks to a seamless digital environment,  your mobility will be made easy and stress free.

A customer centric technology

The STOR-H technology is based on 3 pillars centered on the users : a storage cartridge (100% safe, 100% recyclable), an innovative energy distribution system (100% available) and an ever expanding catalog of “Powered by STOR-H” vehicles.


We are looking for investors who are committed to creating a zero-CO2 world and local sustainable development.
If you are interested in this investment opportunity, please let us know and we will contact you to set up an introductory meeting.

Teaser: Series B Fundraising €10m Equity

+ Who are we ? what do we propose ?
+ The team : experienced, talented, international, passionate
+ Summary of the business model
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Slide deck investors

+ Who are we ? what do we propose ?
+ Our technology and its benefits
+ Our partners and « powered by STOR-H » compatible vehicle catalog
+ Market potential
+ The team : experienced, talented, international, passionate
+ All-In-One Offer : Flexible – Attractive – Universal
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Join us!

Business Developer France

Rattaché au Business Development Manager de STOR-H Technologies, le Business Developer France détermine et exécute la stratégie commerciale de STOR-H en France. Un environnement start-up, donc très évolutif et dynamique. L’immersion dans un secteur en pleine croissance : l’hydrogène.

China Development Engineer

Mission: The Development Engineer (China) will be tasked with supporting the operational roll-out of STOR- H and DeNOx’one in China. He/she will manage, monitor and maintain all deployment activities in place until the project is completed.


Dans la marmite hydrogène

Dans la marmite hydrogène

“L’hydrogène est présent à l’état naturel sur la planète, or c’est l’élément qui a la plus forte densité énergétique et il permet de stocker l’électricité. C’est le nouveau pétrole ! ” Il a inventé des canettes énergétiques dont la production industrielle commence cet été. Le Genevois a misé sur ce secteur bien avant les autres, et il commence à en récolter les fruits.

Des scooters genevois qui carburent à l’hydrogène

Des scooters genevois qui carburent à l’hydrogène

La start-up genevoise Stor-H est sur le point de clôturer une levée de fonds de 10 millions d’euros pour déployer ses cartouches remplies d’hydrogène vert. Elle espère séduire tous les amateurs de deux ou trois roues dès 2022.

Cérémonie de signature de l’accord de partenariat HYDROGENE entre l’OCP, l’UM6P et STOR-H

Cérémonie de signature de l’accord de partenariat HYDROGENE entre l’OCP, l’UM6P et STOR-H

Le 1er avril a eu lieu la cérémonie de signature de l’accord de partenariat HYDROGENE entre l’OCP, l’UM6P et STOR-H.
Cette collaboration vient renforcer l’ambition du Royaume du Maroc pour bâtir sa filière hydrogène avec la mise en place de plusieurs programmes de recherche dans le domaine du stockage et des piles à combustible accompagnés d’un programme de déploiement de véhicules STOR-H à Benguerir d’ici fin 2021.

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