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Position title: China Development Engineer
Line Reporting: STOR-H Technologies COO
Location: China


The position is attached to STOR-H Technologies SA COO

The China Development Engineer will be tasked with supporting the operational deployment of STOR-H and DeNOx’one in China. He will manage and support all deployment activities until the project is completed.

The China Development Engineer defines and leads an action plan for Research and Development activities with mobility, energy, distribution and emission control players such as car and truck manufacturers, OEMs, users or potential portfolio technology licensees at STOR-H Technologies SA in China.

The mission is to support the development of a new international energy consumption offering with customers, B2B, B2G (B to Government) and B2C. He ensures the technical specifications in a way that is consistent with local needs and capabilities. To carry out and takes responsibility for contextual, technological and competitive monitoring in China, in the domains of automotive emission and hydrogen.

This position is full-time and is based in Beijing with trips to be expected in Europe (Switzerland, France)

Main Responsibilities:

There are two STOR-H projects in China:

– NH3 gas injection Sr.A. decontamination based on proprietary AAQIUS DeNOx’one technology.
– Zero-carbon mobility based on proprietary STOR-H technology.

Project DeNOx’one:

– Identification, negotiation of agreements and their follow-up with ecosystem players such as Chinese and international OEMs that may integrate SCR technologies into their range as part of China VI regulation.
– Construction and drafting of specifications for solid SCR systems for solid SCR applications for Chinese diesel vehicle applications.
– Identification, negotiation of agreements and follow-up with partners such as Tier1 OEMs that can develop, industrialize and commercialize the solid SCR system based on DeNOx’one technology.
– Identification, negotiation of agreements and follow-up with key partners in the DeNOX’one ecosystem, filling cartridges, distributing cartridges, logistics. Take responsibility for the logistics and relational organization of DeNOx’one dedicated trips to Chinese territory for AAQIUS management.

Project STOR-H :

– Identification of agreements and monitoring of OEMs < 1 tonne Of China, which could integrate STOR-H technology into their range.
– Construction of STOR-H specifications and their implementation for Chinese vehicle applications. Identification of agreements and monitoring of Tier1 OEMs that could develop, industrialize and commercialize the STOR-H Fuel Cell system « Powered by STOR-H » power pack
– Identification of agreements and follow-up of partners, particularly in the world of renewable energies likely to develop, industrialize the upstream ecosystem of STOR-H mobility (renewable electricity production, hydrogen production, packaging of STOR-H cartridges).
– Identification and monitoring of key partners in the STOR-H ecosystem, filling cartridges, distributing cartridges, logistics ,

Set up and carry out a regular reporting on activity for management and teams located in Paris and Geneva


Requirements for the position:

Proactive, you are able to manage several projects head-on, you enjoy working as a team and are responsive and self-reliant.

– Have an in-depth knowledge of the technologies involved in the fields of hydrogen and emission contrôle

– Perseverance and good resistance to stress because projects are often subject to constraints (financial, time frames), dynamic and innovative.

– To master the constraints of integration and to be able to present the key elements to suppliers and partners

– to formulate proposals on the subjects, props, technical processes

– Formalize arguments /product sheets/new collection or new concept – formalize specifications in tenders, specifications, or order orders

– Propose, plan and evaluate tests and research and development projects

– Negotiate technical collaborations

– Evaluate the potential of new materials and processes

– Define methods, the means of study and design and their implementation

– Strong analytical, synthesis and project management capabilities – ability to develop creative ideas and deploy them in concrete deliverables

– Track activity indicators and act correctively if necessary

– Anticipation to detect and assess problems that could disrupt the smooth running of the project

– Manage and optimize resources

– Ensure compliance with quality standards

– Autonomous , rigorous, methodical and organized

– Geographic Mobility – Ability to adapt to a changing environment – Perfect written and oral communication –

French: Advanced professional skills
Mandatory fluency in English
Mandatory fluency in Mandarin

Application: send CV – Letter of motivation to cmaaqius@gmail.com