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On November 10, 2020, the third China International Import Expo (CIIE) officially came to an end. The STOR-H Technologies SA technology company, a global low-carbon solution expert and a leader of hydrogen energy zero-carbon mobility based in Switzerland, made a successful debut at the CIIE and achieved fruitful results.  STOR-H symbolizes what technological innovation can bring to energetical transition, aiming at a sustainable and profitable ecological society. STOR-H is determined to work closely with local partners in order to shape the future of China’s hydrogen-energy transportation industry.

During the 6-day exhibition, STOR-H, located in the Technical Equipment Area (Booth C6-002, Hall 4.1), presented its complete ecosystem, dividing its booth into two sections, hydrogen energy equipment and hydrogen energy vehicles, displaying several sophisticated hydrogen energy products first launch in Asia: STOR-H hydrogen cartridge that is protected by 155 patents and distributed through a distribution system of vending machines, STOR-H portable hydrogen home charger that can be operated at home and in the office and STOR-H Fuel Cell Module that facilitates the transition of electric mobility manufacturers to hydrogen fuel-driven. STOR-H also presented 5 “Powered by STOR-H” vehicles (2 and 3 wheel scooters as well as cargo bikes). These 5 vehicles were presented at CIIE, to show STOR-H’s technology and its application in Europe. Through the diversified displays of the STOR-H booth, the audience intuitively learned about the latest technological achievements in the field of hydrogen energy transportation, and experienced STOR-H’s global leading strength in the field of hydrogen energy supply and green mobility.

On the afternoon of November 6, STOR-H Technologies SA and its parent company AAQIUS signed a strategic agreement of EU-China International Cooperation Project of New Energy with the Emerging Industrial Centers of Investment Association of China and Quanzhou city Taiwan Business Investment Zone Management Committee. This innovative agreement, fully in line with China’s energetical strategy is a first step for STOR-H deployment in China. STOR-H is willing to work with Chinese partners to deploy its urban light transportation standard.

Morath Yves, director of Swiss Business Hub (Chine) , Lai Lishui, Member of the Zone Party Work Committee and Vice-Director of Quanzhou city Taiwan Business Investment Zone Management Committee, and the representatives of Quanzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone, Wang Tao, Vice-Director of Emerging Industrial Centers of Investment Association of China, visited STOR-H’s exhibition stand accompanied by François Maurice , representative of STOR-H and AAQIUS,  and attended the signing ceremony. Stéphane Aver, Chairman and Founder of AAQIUS, who was unable to attend the signing ceremony in person due to the epidemic, attended the ceremony via video link.

Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Special representative of the French Government in China and former Prime Minister of France, also witnessed this important moment online. Raffarin has provided great support for STOR-H’s entry into China, helping STOR-H to establish partnerships with the Chinese central government and some key cities. Raffarin first congratulated the signing, “As a clean energy source that gives us hope, hydrogen is an important way to accelerate the global energy transition. China and Europe share the challenge of achieving sustainable development and combating climate change. The agreement signed today around the STOR-H project is a response to these major challenges. This is a huge project, which carries the future, the friendship between China and Europe, and the vision of a future in which we will work together and collaborate on research. I am doubly delighted with today’s signing and wish this project every success!”

Yves Morath, director of Swiss Business Hub (Chine) expressed his recognition of STOR-H and his expectation of cooperation: ” In Switzerland, innovation is a matter of DNA. Innovative and highly specialized Small and Medium sized Enterprises such as STOR-H Technologies are the backbone of the Swiss Economy. It gives me great pleasure to support STOR-H Technologies and AAQIUS with the introduction of their global solution in Chinese cities and regions. China and Switzerland celebrate this year the jubilee of 70 years of diplomatic relations. The collaboration between STOR-H Technologies SA, NDRC and the city of Quanzhou is both very smart and very sustainable. It very well symbolizes the spirit of collaboration between our two countries. We wish this partnership the utmost success and we believe that today’s signing ceremony marks another milestone in the successful cooperation between China and Switzerland.”

According to Zhou Quan, director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Quanzhou Taiwan Business Investment Zone, the Taiwan Business District was established in 2010, and was upgraded to a national Taiwan business investment zone (deputy department level unit) in 2012 with the approval of the State Council, and has four signboards “national Taiwan business investment zone, national economic and technological development zone, national high-tech industrial development zone, national independent innovation demonstration zone”. Lai Lishui,  Member of the Zone Party Work Committee and Vice-Director of Quanzhou city Taiwan Business Investment Zone Management Committee, was looking forward to this collaboration, “The introduction of STOR-H technology will help deepen the Sino-French and Sino-Swiss cooperation in the international energy field, with the promotion of China-EU interconnection in the field of new energy and energy conservation and environmental protection, to help the energy sector “One Belt, One Road” cooperation, and promote the high-quality development of Quanzhou Taiwan Business Investment Zone. “

Wang Tao, Vice-Director of Emerging Industrial Centers of Investment Association of China, also praised the cooperation, “The cooperation between Europe AAQIUS and STOR-H’s advanced hydrogen energy technology and China is a concrete practice to build an open and shared world economy under the guidance of the concept of building a human destiny community. The pursuit of a happy life is the common aspiration of people in all countries, and the hydrogen energy project signed this time will bring good news to mankind in solving air pollution and carbon emission problems.”

Stéphane Aver, Chairman and Founder of AAQIUS, the group to which STOR-H belongs, spoke highly of the signing: “We are very honored to sign this agreement with the Quanzhou government. We are honored to participate in the realization of China’s energy transition, in the development of the hydrogen energy industry and in the economic and social development of Quanzhou. I am sure that this is the first step in our fruitful cooperation with our Chinese partners.” On attending CIIE for the first time, Stéphane Aver said it was significant: “CIIE is an important platform for China’s opening up to the outside world, and this year’s CIIE is of great significance in accelerating global economic recovery. Achieving sustainable development and building a green ecological society is the common goal of all mankind. 2020 is a crucial year for the development of the global hydrogen energy industry, and China’s development in the field of hydrogen energy is ambitious and promising. STOR-H, a subsidiary of AAQIUS, has been developing innovative technologies in the field of hydrogen mobility with the aim of becoming the global energy standard for zero-carbon mobility. For 20 years we have proven our competence in clean energy mobility with leading-edge technologies. Today, our “low-carbon” technology solutions have become the global automotive industry standard, powering tens of millions of vehicles worldwide, creating jobs and billions of euros in sales for the manufacturers who produce them. That’s why we continue to participate in CIIE despite extremely difficult global health conditions. I am very pleased that STOR-H, which is exhibiting for the first time, has reaped more cooperation opportunities and broader development space with the help of CIIE platform, and has achieved closer communication with relevant Chinese enterprises, institutions and governments.”

As a global leader in hydrogen fuel transportation, STOR-H is committed to developing a green economy, building a hydrogen energy society, and making continuous efforts to create a more environmentally friendly and sustainable human society. As the world’s second largest economy and a country with rapid development and bright prospects in hydrogen energy industry, STOR-H attaches great importance to the development of the Chinese market. Taking advantage of the CIIE this time, STOR-H looks forward to working with Chinese partners in order to localize the production of all products and technology. STOR-H ‘s objective is to grow rapidly in China, contributing to China’s economic and social development as well as the bright future of human society with high-quality products and services.

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