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Press Relase – November 2021 


At the beginning of 2021, STOR-H Technology SA and ICONA Design Group embarked on a joint strategy dedicated to future mobility for the Smart City project.

Today they present the first integrated cutting-edge mobility offer for the Chinese market with the HYMONT 氢梦 hydrogen moped: “Hydrogen Dream” at the CIIE 2021 in Shanghai on the ICONA-STOR-H booth.

The STOR-H solution includes all the products and services required for the transition to innovative mobility in Chinese smart cities.

  • The HYMONT hydrogen vehicle designed by ICONA to meet Chinese standards

  • The STOR-H hydrogen cartridges

  • The vending machine distribution system

  • The STOR-H Home Charger

  • The smartphone application for users

    The industrialization of HYMONT is planned for 2022, with the first deployments in the second half of the same year in China.
Smart China

For this second participation at the CIIE in Shanghai, STOR-H was invited by ICONA Design Group to present a complete mobility solution. After 6 months of preparation, STOR-H and ICONA have co-participated in the China International Import Expo from 05 to 10 November 2021.

As a reminder, during the CIIE 2020 edition, STOR-H had the honor to sign a Europe-China international cooperation agreement in the field of new energy with Emerging Industrial Centers of Investment Association of China (IAC) and Quanzhou city Taiwan Business Investment Zone Management Committee.

Since the beginning of 2021, STOR-H and ICONA have been building a joint strategy for tomorrow’s mobility and “Smart City” projects.

The two companies thus united for the first time to present the entire STOR-H ecosystem that addresses future mobility. ICONA, worked on all the integration, conception and design innovation of the STOR-H hydrogen mobility solution. This ecosystem is an authentic solution for clean urban mobility, and has attracted many local and international delegations to discover the latest innovations:

The new hydrogen electric bicycle, the “HYMONT” presented for the first time: with an innovative look-and-feel, the HYMONT fits perfectly into the new world of urban mobility.

Smart China

Conceived and designed in partnership with the Italian company ICONA Design Group, this futuristic hydrogen-powered vehicle is ready-made for Smart Cities.

The emphasis is on practicality, robustness and design. Every part has been meticulously designed in order to offer a pleasant and safe driving experience, and to meet the multifunctional needs of daily life anytime, anywhere.

The innovative concept of the HYMONT has been developed down to the accessories; a specific top-case has been devised by the STOR-H and ICONA teams; both a classic top-case for storing belongings and a convertible rear seat for children with all the necessary safety features (configured footboard).


Some technical specifications:
-Motor power: 350 W
-Maximum speed/ range: the maximum speed (25 km/h), and range in pure electric mode (35- 40 km) is specifically related to weather conditions, road conditions, load and other factors.

The redesigned STOR-H hydrogen cartridges and the new “Power Pack” were also presented at the event.

Finally, the STOR-H vending machine and the Home-charger were also highlighted to complete the ecosystem.

The CIIE, an important event held annually in Shanghai since 2018. It is a significant move for the Chinese government to hold CIIE to give firm support to trade liberalization and economic globalization and actively open the Chinese market to the world.

The CIIE facilitates countries and regions worldwide to strengthen economic cooperation and trade and to promote global trade and world economic growth to make the world economy more open. As the world’s first national-level import exposition, CIIE provides a platform for companies to display their products, popularize their brands, and find more business partners in the world’s second-largest economy.

Even with the epidemic, this year, the CIIE 2021 edition still attracted nearly 3,000 enterprises from 127 countries and regions around the world to actively participate. Multinational corporations are eagerly anticipating this event, which is hailed as a signature event of China’s opening-up, an avenue to showcase innovative solutions and an unrivaled occasion to tap into the potential of the country’s vast market.

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ICONA Design Group is a global design company founded in 2010 by a team of entrepreneurs from Piedmont, immediately becoming an international player. The company has a team of over one hundred professionals from 21 countries with offices in Turin, Shanghai, Los Angeles, and more recently Dubai and Tokyo. Multi-awarded for cutting-edge concepts in electric mobility and autonomous driving, today the company is involved with the most important players of the world to develop ambitious programs implemented by Chinese authorities for the mobility of the future and the development of smart cities.

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Founded in 2017, STOR-H Technologies SA is a spin-off of AAQIUS that offers an “ALL-IN-ONE” green hydrogen mobility service. The hydrogen cartridges can be recharged at home with the STOR-H HOME CHARGER and can also be exchanged for full ones at intelligently placed vending machines in the city, thus providing

unlimited range with zero recharging time. STOR-H provides an “ALL-IN-ONE” service on a monthly subscription basis to companies, local governments and individuals. This service includes vehicle leasing (bike, scooter, car), unlimited energy access, insurance and maintenance services, all integrated into a mobile application that allows users to manage their fleet with “one-click. STOR-H makes hydrogen mobility simple and accessible to everyone, everywhere, all the time.

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